Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monteverdi & Doughnuts

I’m hitting a brick wall, here. I am supposed to be studying for an exam on Baroque music history, high points including Monteverdi versus Artuzi as to codified rules of counterpoint and…man, this stuff really bites. But I’m sitting here listening to The Duke Spirit (look ‘em up, kid) and all I can think of is, I want to move to London and be in a blues-tinged indie punk band and make predictable music with half-assed lyrics and appear on Jay Leno. It would be so EASY to just drop everything and make music. Anyone can become famous if you spin the music the right way (and I’m not talking about spinning records, here).

There are a million choices as to what to do with this life in front of me, rolling by like slices of cake on a conveyor belt behind a wall of glass, and I really want to reach out and eat one. It’s like being at a Krispy Kremes. I really, really want a doughnut but they’re all behind a glass wall and I’m not to the front of the line yet.

1 comment:

  1. It's not quite like being at Krispy Cremes...There, you know no matter which doughnut you pick, no matter which doughnut you inconpiciously grab, no matter how sneaky you are, no matter what you do to get it, with doughnuts you will always be satisfied for your efforts. With life, well, sometimes it might be better from behind the glass.