Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reasons If The Jesuits Were A Middle Aged TV Auteur, Or A Baseball Team, I Would Have A Crush On Them

I have many obsessions in this life. It all stems from the theory that one should never do anything half-way, including liking things. Or perhaps it's just the tickle I get when I visualize Jett Jackson in "Johnny Tsunami" saying, "Go big or go home." Either way, if I love it, I love it a great mother buttload.
The things which I tend to love up the most in these parts are A) Joss Whedon and B) The Colorado Rockies. But now I would like to show some love to another entity.

Reasons If The Jesuits Were A Middle Aged TV Auteur, Or A Baseball Team, I Would Have A Crush On Them:

1) My sophomore and senior high school Theology teacher, who interestingly enough is getting ordained in July.
2) AMDG - along with being a lovely motto (ad majorem dei gloriam = for the greater glory of God), the letters line up nicely and look quite good together. This is purely aesthetic.
3) James Martin, S.J.
4) The Spiritual Exercises
5) I heard a rumor from a Holy Cross priest once that there may have been a female Jesuit - just one! - back in the middle ages. She loved the Jesuits, donated oodles, and longed to be one SO MUCH that on her death bed they ordained her.
6) My high school theo Jesuit extraordinaire once described Franciscans, Dominicans and Jesuits as correlating to the three types of yoga. Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion, or the Franciscans. Gnana yoga is the yoga of knowledge, which is the Dominicans. Which leaves us with Karma yoga, the yoga of action, or the Jesuits.
7) They like to rustle feathers.
8) Loyola Marymount, where my broha is headed.
9) They have their own production company: Loyola Productions, Inc. ( HIRE ME, MAYBE? I CAN HOLD A BOOM!
10) Ignatius was like, "I'ma be a bad ass soldier. Bite me." And then BOOM goes the cannon ball, and whilst stuck in bed with nothing but a book of the Saints, he was like, "I'ma be a bad ass Saint now." And then HE DID.
11) Nothing is quite as satisfying in the midst of my quality Notre Dame education as hearing a prof mention a fact that graces over the word Jesuit and immediately pumping both my arms up and yelling "WHAT NOW! JESUITS ROCK, BABY!"
12) Coming up with a tattoo design for "AMDG," musing about it to my friends over the summer, and coming back in August to find two of them had inked themselves with my precise design.
13) Xavier in China.
14) I've never met a Jesuit without a killer sense of humour.
15) Sacred Heart Retreat House in Sedalia, Colorado
and the most important...
16) Regis Jesuit High School. BAM! Said the lady.

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