Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Need More Stress To Survive (Oh God, Oh God, What Have We Become)

Sitting at home. In the C-O. No roommates. No homework. No endless opera rehearsals. No papers due in three hours. No exams at 8am. No dining hall closing in ten minutes. No article due an hour ago. No one using the elliptical. WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MYSELF WHEN I HAVE NOTHING TO PROCRASTINATE?

I have:
- unpacked the duffel bags
- watched the entirety of "Jericho"
- developed a crush on Skeet Ulrich
- read "Ripped" by Greg Kot
- checked out enough music from the library to crash my hard drive (again)
- renewed my license (news on this one's celebrity photo attempt forthcoming)
- started an internship with High Noon Entertainment
- painted the "Disaster House"
- become obsessed with the band The Republic Tigers
- obtained a press pass to Comic-Con
- booked a flight to LA
- made reservations for a hotel in San Diego
- applied for a BAZILLION part-time jobs. (How will I pay for Wed's Sting concert??)
- caught up with the Rockies to the point that I know the pitching lineups for the whole week, every week
- went for a *ghasp* run (like, running)
- actually checked my twitter once a day
- told my Filliasco story to the neighbors

I have been home for, let's see, ONE WEEK, and already I am banging my head against the interwebs of my laptop. My only hope resides in the fact that one of my profs in the fall has requested we watched all of "Breaking Bad" afore our return to campus. HOODALALLY!

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